Money Matters

Below is the list of articles linked to their original sites and authors:

Collection of Investment resources – Value Investing

Books on Investment – A must see collection

Berkshire AGM transcript from 1994-2018

Insights into the DNA of fraudulent promoters – 17 Mar 2015

Investment Principles and Checklists – Vaibhav Doshi

Investments- Do Managements Matter? – By Bala – 6 Mar 18

Three Anonymous Guys Wiped $3 Billion Off South Africa Stocks in Four Days – Bloomberg – 16 Jan 2018

The Fatal Mistake Crypto Investors are Making Now – 7 Jan 2018

How should investors make a play for the NCLT distressed companies? – 15 Dec 17 MC

Amit Mantri – How to defraud shareholders and bankers – Twitter

High Quality Stocks in Indian Markets – 2 Oct 2017

PSBs Recapitalization Program – Capital Mind – 25 Oct 2017

The 5 Best Investing books – By Stock and Ladder – 24 Oct 2017

Some Mistakes – Altaisadvisors – 20 Oct 17

Investing is simple is it not? – Subramoney

Ridham Desai Morgan Stanley @ Morningstar Conference in Mumbai

How to Screen Stocks? By Niteen S Dharmawat – Jun 2017

HFCL Scrip Drama: Raises Intriguing Questions – MoneyLife – 26 Sep 17

Latest changes in Indian tax laws: tax enforcement or tax torture? – MoneyLife – 25 Sep 17

Are you share safes in demat mode? Really? By subramoney

How to conduct Detailed Analysis of a company? Dr VijayMalik

Making a quick buck in the market ..?? By R Balakrishnan – 12 Sep 2017

Small investors look to raise concerns about undervalued holding companies – 6 Sep 2017

When the minority shareholders of Alembic Pharmaceuticals moved a resolution seeking a board seat at one of the country’s oldest pharmaceutical companies last month, they were setting a precedent.

Read more at: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/60370946.cms?

Modified Schloss filters for Indian Markets – 23 Aug 17

1. Exclude service companies
2. Debt to equity less than 0.50
3. Price to book value less than 1
4. Promoter’s holding at least 25%(I think it should be more than 40 for pvt small/mid caps)
5. Companies with operations of at least 10 years
6. Average 3-year ROCE more than 12%

Read more at: https://www.valueresearchonline.com/story/h2_storyview.asp?str=34242#prettyPhoto

Microcap Investing: How even Astute Investors Can Get Taken for a Ride – MoneyLife – 22 Aug 2017




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